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Nowadays the situation for photographers and image users is comparably difficult. The photographer has to deal with a continuously growing market and is permanently in search of new distribution channels, in order to advertise his images worldwide and with the least amount of time possible.
The image buyer on the other hand wants to find exceptional and impressive images, which are not available at any agency. This search has to function in a fast, uncomplicated and reliable manner due to time and cost restraints.
As image agency we represent photographers and illustrators and care about the professional distribution of your images. It is our goal to market your image material via professional marketing channels, to obtain fair image fees and to prevent unauthorized image usage.
Your advantage: You save yourself a costly marketing of your own and can concentrate exclusively on the production of new image material.
Our clients
  • Book-, newspaper- and magazine publishers
  • Advertising - und PR-agencies
  • Industry, trade and TV stations
What we offer to our clients
  • Over 900.000 digital photos and illustrations
  • All topics like travel and nature, people, lifestyle, business, medicine, science, technology, conceptual images and food
  • RM (Rights Managed) and RF (Royalty Free) images
  • Contemporary web shop with many search and light box features, also easy access to images at our shop
What we offer to our photographers
  • Webbased flow of image submissions
  • Marketing of your artwork at standard prices and conditions
  • Fair royalty split of 50/50 between alimdi and you as image supplier
  • Accurate and timely settlement of the royalties
  • Marketing of your images on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis
  • Rights Managed or Royalty Free licenses
Further information you find at our help section or send an email to info@alimdi.net
We are also open for your suggestions and problems! Please contact us, for we value a successful cooperation with you.