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Search commands (Boolean search)

AND search (AND or UND or + or blank spaces)
Example: dog cat or dog and cat or dog +cat or +dog +cat
Search result: Finds images showing a dog and a cat

OR search (OR or ODER or / )
Example: dog or cat or dog oder cat or dog /cat
Search result: Finds photos showing a dog or a cat or both

NOT search (NOT or NICHT or - )
Example: dog not cat or dog nicht cat or dog -cat
Search result: Finds photos depicting a dog but not a cat

WILD-CARD search ( * )
Example: egg*
Search result: Finds photos staring with egg, e.g. eggs, egg-shaped, egg-nog etc.

COMBINATION of a number of search keys
Example: Africa NOT South Africa AND lion OR leopard AND car*
Search result: Finds photos of Africa but not South Africa depicting a lion or a leopard or both and anything starting with car e.g. carburetor or caramel

You will find additional information listed at help pages.